Whoopee, somebody emptied our bank account today


So I was expecting a payment into the joint account that Peter and I share, and logged into online banking to see if it had come in yet. And saw:

Available balance: 0.00

Uhh… No, not really possible. Something a little over 0.00, something a little under 0.00, sure. But this? No. Possibly a system hiccup of some kind. So I call the helpline and ask what’s going on.

And surprise! What do they find, but, between Tuesday and today, a number of transactions that aren’t mine. Road toll payments (when we don’t have a car: amusing). Movie tickets from a Dublin-area omniplex (when we haven’t left the house since last Friday: I’m still fighting with this sinus infection and haven’t been out a lot.) And then a transaction at a point-of-sale somewhere in Ireland that emptied out the account. (There wasn’t a vast amount in there right then… but it’s all gone now.)

W. T. F. My bank card has been skimmed. 

It’s toast now (thrown in the fire a few minutes ago, the compromised card frozen, a new one ordered over the phone). But so much for the bills that needed to be paid this week. 2012 had better start getting its act together, as this is not an auspicious beginning.

The bank will cover this expense when its fraud department has digested all the details. But meanwhile, the household is skint. So: if you feel inclined to spit in the eye of the nameless rogue(s) who’ve briefly ruined the domestic tranquility around here, I invite you you to go over to the Ebooks Direct store and buy something using the discount code DDGOTSKIMMED, which will give you 20% off whatever you buy. If you feel inclined to reblog or (if you saw this on Twitter) RT this, it’d be appreciated.

(mutter) Miscreants.

childhood fav author. her stuff is awesome. buy something and help out!

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    childhood fav author. her stuff is awesome. buy something and help out!
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    Diane Duane fans - if Diane has ever entertained you, please consider helping her out. Her bank account got hacked and...
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    WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. >:| The Young Wizards books make me happy (I should re-read,...RAWR,...
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    Signal boost. Also, dear thing is giving US a sales code even though SHE got scammed.
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    Okay, so, Diane Duane’s young wizard series is possibly a bigger part of my childhood than the California fog. She more...
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    Wow, sorry this happened. Follow the link in the original post to get to the e-book store.
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    *points* also there is such a thing as an irish recipe book by Diane Duane, are you as suddenly excited as i am?
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    I NEVER do this, but this is my most favoritest author ever so… Just putting that out there.
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